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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

PSP kicks ass

I've seen so many little kids have a DS. Most of my friends have had a DS and said the PSP is better because I told them about homebrew and all the features it can do. They all have PSPs now. The PSP is way better than DS. The only thing the DS is good for are the mini-games on Mario or mabee Nintendogs. The PSP can play N64 and Other emulators like Sega or a Shoutcast Radio (no charge for anything). Nintendo really needs to get there asses aworkin cuz PSP whopping the DS's ass. So what the DS has so many game titles, but PSP has really good games. On PSP, you don't even need to buy UMDs, you can rip the games to a PC and copy them to your ms0 and play them with the game being in the PSP system. The PSP is also customizable. This is a kool vid how you can click X. I like that.